Contouring, for your hair?

Celebs do it, Instagram’ers do it, makeup artists do it, and there’s thousands of YouTube tutorials showing us how to do it. There’s really no escaping ‘contouring’ to accentuate cheekbones and create a picture-perfect face. But did you know you can contour your hair?
Contouring your face can change your skin tone, sculpt your face shape and enhance your features and colouring your hair can do all of that too. Colour for your hair isn’t just about shade choice, but about placement of colour and how it can enhance the shape of your hair cut. If one of your concerns is flat hair with the power of contouring you can give the illusion of structure and form and with clever light and shadow colour placement we can make your hair look like it has more volume.
At Aesthetics we’ve always been proud of our colour service (and have won numerous awards to prove our expertise too) offering bespoke colours, shades and techniques to suit our customers. To us, hair colour is simply makeup for the hair and with the power of contouring with hair colour, we can create definition, give the illusion of a different face shape and accentuate features you’d like to focus on.
For example long narrow faces highlighting hair at the side can make it appear a little wider, while darker pieces on top and underneath can soften the length of the face.
To find out what we can do for your hair book a consultation with one of our colour technicians by calling the salon on 0121 707 8866.

How to Create Waves

The perfect wave is somewhere between dishevelled and curly and is more straight than bouncy. It looks like it should be the easiest ‘do to do but proves tricky time after time.

Senior stylist Micaela gives her top tips on how to create waves:

  1. Wash your hair, but to avoid too much moisture at the roots of the hair, resulting in your waves dropping too quickly, use Body Full or Clear Moisture, £13.65, by Redken, and team it with a hydrating conditioner, just on the ends, such as our ‘go to favourite’, All Soft, £14.90,also by Redken. Nothing ruins waves more than frizzy, dry ends.
  2. Prep the hair to give another boost of hydration – using something like Argan/6 Oil, £26.00 by Redken. Create volume by spraying Volumifique, £19.50 by Kerastase, just at the roots, it’s an amazing plumping spray and works brilliantly on creating volume on fine hair.
  3. Next blow-dry the hair smooth. You can either use a round brush or a Mason Pearson Brush, £69.00. Twist the hair round as you blow-dry small sections. This gives the hair some instant structure to then create waves on top of.
  4. Next take small sections of hair, spritz them with Iron Shape, £16.30, by Redken – this gives the hair some heat protection and hold without being sticky – and it’s time to get tonging.
  5. The ghd Curve Classic Tong glides through making it really easy to style. Keep the tong moving as you wrap the hair around it, so as to smooth & lightly wave simultaneously. Take small to medium sections & wrap the hair around and then roll the tong down the hair to create a wave, whilst straightening at the same time, creating the perfect soft wave rather than a stiff, overly done curl.This can take a bit of practise, but the beauty of this look is that it will forgive the odd imperfection.
  6. Finally run some Serum Therapiste, £20.50, by Kerastase, to define & shine!”

To get this look or any other style book an appointment with Michaela or any other team members at Aesthetics on: 0121 707 8866 or online.