Massage for Hands

Hydramains Anti-Ageing Treatment with Derma Builder (hands) - 45min

This 7 step treatment produces visible improvements to the hands that you can see and feel after every visit. Derma Builder is a unique, multi-peptide, anti-ageing serum, that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and enhances the skin’s elasticity for noticeable plumping & tightening, while long term effects are produced by stimulation of the collagen. Combined with Britenol to reduce pigmentation and melanin by 90% this treatment reduces age spots & plumps skin for younger looking hands.

Lymphatic Massage - 30min

An intensely relaxing and nurturing lymphatic massage to improve circulation and reduce cellulite and fluid retention for tired hands and arms.

Relaxing Massage - 15min

De-stress the Aesthetics way, with a relaxing massage using apricot kernel oil, with pro-vitamin E to nourish your skin and soothe your muscles.


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